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Pakistani Food Composition Tables
External Research Person &
their Reseaches

Academic Programmes
Research Areas and Interests
Thesis Abstracts
Links and Collaborations
Department of Home
and Health Sciences
is offering Food and
Nutrition programmes
from HSSC to PhD
Research based Nutrition Programmes with the aim to motivate health professionals and nutrition experts.
Abstracts of the various researches already done by the post graduate students.

National and International Links and collaborations with different institutions and resource persons.

Other Academic Programmes
Non Degree Courses for Semiliterate and Illiterates
Nutrition Activities in Pakistan
Food & Nutrition in Pakistan
Along with Food and Nutrition programmes, Department is also offering programmes in other sciences.
Nutrition and Health related Undergraduate courses are also offered by the department...
Different National and International Organizations are working to improve the Nutrition situation in Pakistan
Today, about 42 million people in Pakistan lack adequate income to purchase the food they need for a healthy life.....
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